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Skin Care

Natural healing after a c-section

There is no shame in having a c-section. After having your baby, a layer of protection forms around that area so as to protect the wound from infection. However the skin is fragile and easily disrupted.

Here are some tips that will help you heal faster from a c-section.

First,take bone broth. Take atleast a cup a day. Bone broth is known to be rich in minerals that helps in fast healing.

Secondly, get enough rest and sleep . You are recovering from surgery and some rest would really help. Try as much as possible to not be up and about as that would put much pressure on the wound.

Also, keep the wound dry and clean. Avoid disturbing the wound area as you might interfere with the protective skin and the process of healing.

Lastly, ask for help. Do not feel ashamed to ask for assistance since that would give you time to get the much needed rest.

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