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Things that ladies should know about p2

postinor 2 is an oral emergency contraception that is used by many ladies after having unprotected sexual intercourse or after the failure of another contraception method.Postinor 2 should not be taken by pregnant women although it has no adverse effects of progestrogens on the developing foetus and it does not prevent pregnancy if fertilization has already take place .Postinor 2 at times leads to an disturbance of the menstrual cycle and it has some side effects which include some ladies usually experience nausea,low abdominal pain,some will have headache and even feeling and dizziness.Postioner 2 also causes some ladies to diarrhoea after taking it .Postioner 2 causes fatigue in some ladies

Ladies should be careful when taking this drug since some medicine end up reducing it's efficiency.Medicines that may reduce Postioner 2 efficiency include those used to treat fungal infections, antibiotics,medicine used to treat epilepsy,herbal medicines containing hypericum perforatum also reduces it's efficiency.This drugs reduces Postioner 2 efficiency because they may enhance the metabolism of the active ingredient of the preparation.

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