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4 Diseases To Treat Naturally Using Pure Lemon.

Lemon fruits usually bear a bitter taste when eaten raw and are grown on lemon trees. Lemon has a series of health benefits and uses some of which we are going to disclose in this article. Based on the research and trial done, the following diseases and complications can be treated with the use of lemon.

Use lemon to treat the following diseases.

a. Treating Kidney Stones.

Lemon contains citric acid that increases the PH and volume of urine creating an unfavorable environment for Kidney Stones to form and stop the creation of small lumps in one's kidney. All you have to do is take half a cup lemon juice should you be having them.

b. Treating heart disease.

Lemon contains vitamin C which is responsible for lowering the risk of heart and stroke based diseases. Also important in a lemon is that fiber compound which as well lower threats of heart disease.

c. Overweight disease and complication.

Lemon has a component called pectin fiber which is soluble in the stomach. The pectin fiber helps one feel less hungry hence reducing over eating in the process lowering one's uncontrolled weight.

d. Treating Anemia.

Anemia as we know is caused by lack of iron in one's diet. Lemon works here by releasing citric acid and vitamin C that ensures enough iron is absorbed thereby solving the issue of iron deficiency in the process treating Anemia.

Where to find lemon.

Lemon can be bought from open market dealers selling lemon, supermarkets and recently even malls. One can also plant his/her own lemon trees to serve as a constant source and supply of lemon to treat the above mentioned disease.

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