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It Is Actually Beneficial to Your Mental Health to Whine at Work.

We already know that being grumpy at work can help you be more productive, and that working too hard can harm your health. We now know that whining at work might be beneficial as well.

While many people believe that whining at work is a waste of time, a study has found that deconstructing the events of the day with a like-minded coworker is really beneficial to your mental health.

According to a study conducted by Vanessa Pouthier for the University of Melbourne's Department of Management and Marketing, joking with your coworkers and having a covert whine about work can have positive benefits on employee morale and relationships.

Vanessa spent a year observing the interactions of a group of doctors and nurses in an American hospital and discovered that the ritual of a complaint helped colleagues better understand each other.

In fact, Vanessa said in her study that gossiping or whining at work can help employees deal with stress and dissatisfaction while also providing a connecting experience among coworkers. Vanessa's findings from the study revealed that coworkers with "in-jokes" might turn unfavorable situations or challenges into hilarious circumstances.

So, the next time you feel bad about whining to a coworker, know that you're only looking after your mental health – and bonding with your pal.

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