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Why You Should Protect Yourself From The Disease Called Dementia.

 Dementia is a disease that affect the memory of people, this year there have been many reports of the rising case of this infection in our Kenya, this is because of lack of awareness of this deadly disease. How this disease operates in the body of human being has been the major questions that many people are asking themselves.

This disease affects mostly the people who uses their heads to hit objects for a long period of time, it is evident in many countries where people do boxing as a sport, like our country Kenya, this is because when the head is always being bung by object, the nerves that transport communication gets affected. How to identify the symptoms of this disease is very easy.

In order to identify dementia start paying attention starting from today in the daily activities that you are doing, whether you are at home or at work or anywhere, if you realize that you have started forgetting things occasionally, then you should be careful. The disease make people not to be able to think properly, have difficulty in speaking certain languages among others.

This dieses affected one of our boxing legend some years ago, in our country Kenya. Conjestina Achieng was affected because of too many boxing punches that she had received in her head, during her boxing career. How is she coping with life after this incident? This is the question that her fans have been asking for a long time. She has difficulty in thinking because she lost her memory.

There is a way in which this disease can be prevented, that is according to the report done some years ago by world health organization in the affected countries, this is because this dieses needs urgent attention. This is how to prevent dementia, always avoid hitting your hear in hard surfaces such as walls. When doing boxing always cover your head with boxing helmets.

There is also a discussion going on some years back in European countries whether footballers should stop hitting the ball with their heads, because there are chances that it might affect them later in life after retirement from football career. The reasons for that discussion is yet to be made public.


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