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Meet Men Who Have Proven To The World That Dissability Is Not Inability

Dissability is not inability.Many times disabled people are discriminated from our our African society .This is because the society thinks disabled people are not benefitial to the society, and it is contemparary incorrect.

This is very wrong and must be highly condemned,this is because everyone was made in the image and likeness of God.The people below have proven that truly Dissability in not inability

Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist lost his leg at the age of ten due to a rare form of bone cancer.He began Ski training 3 years later after the cancer was cured when he was 13 years old.Josh trained to become a Paralympian.He become a member of the US Paralympic after six years of training.Josh today is one of the most selling author in United States.

joson Padgettson

Padgett became a mathematics genius after a brain injury.Jason aquired servant syndrome, a syndrome which is acquired when a normal person gain abnormal abilities after severe disease according to scientists.

Before the Injury he was a furniture salesman but after the Injury he gained the abilities to visualize mathematics and physics concept

Chul SoonSoon A korean was treated as a skinny teenager. When he was 20 years old he was about 56 kgs.He decided to do some exercise by doing 3,000 sit ups a day,while eating a good diet and following training extensively.Chul later on became a heavy body builder in Korea.

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Josh Sundquist Padgettso


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