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Five Fun Life Facts You Did Not Know

There are so many facts that human beings do not really know they even exist, do not worry though, here i give you a five facts that you completely did not know about

You Cant Swallow And Breathe At The Same Time

Yes, try swallowing your saliva and the same time try to breathe, you probably realized the struggle. This is because both air we breathe in and the saliva follow the same path, throat and so they cant have the path simultaneously.

You Taller When you Wake Up In The Morning

Yes, this is because during the day we tend to sit and stand for a better part of the day which scientifically makes the spinal cord to compress a bit, in the morning after we lay flat our bed the body relaxes, the spinal cord relaxes meaning it stretches out and one seems taller than during the day.

Women Are Less Pain Tolerance Than Men

This is biologically since women have more pain receptors than than thus experience more pain than men.

The Are Many Life Forms In your Body Than The Whole World's Population

Think of the millions of bacteria that lives in the body, the red and white blood cells these alone makes your body a whole universe.

Live Flowers and plants decorations In the Bedroom could Kill

It may seem to be so cute having live flowers in the bedroom but what you really do not know is it could lea do death, plants exhale carbon(iv) oxide at night which is harmful when breathed by, they inhale oxygen at night this mean there could be a competition for oxygen at night hence suffocating to death or cause a migraine.

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