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Eating Raw Carrots Cannot Improve Your Eye Sight, Health Experts Say

Fried Carrots Recommended By Health Experts For The Improvement Of Eye Sight

Speaking on a local radio station, one of the health experts in Kenya has adviced listeners not to expect Improvement of sight when eating raw Carrots. Many nutrition institutions have not explained well on how one should consume the product with many making the mistake of eating it unheated. According to research done , uncooked consumption does not give you the necessary carotene benefits requared.

People are being adviced to subject them to oil so and a bit of heat, these is to be able to square vitamin A requared for the improvement of the eye. The role of the fat is to enhance the effectiveness and quick speed of digestion. Eating it without this process slows and at times prevents proper digestion and so it could be a waste and not do what is required. It is therefore advisable to include a small amount of fat in carrots before taking it inn.(I/C)

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