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Desperate Times in India Sees Locals Seek Desperate Solutions as COVID-19 Bites. See What they Did

The world is still grappling with different solutions to help alleviate the effects of COVID-19 that has been rocking the world since it was first announced. Measures have been put in place to try and prevent the spread of the deadly virus while different vaccines have been created to aid in the fight. However, non of these measures seems to present a permanent solution to the prevention and elimination of the virus.

Indians who are currently going through a devastating period because of the virus have been crying out for help to the international world as the death toll keeps rising. Their desperation to alleviate the effects of the virus in the country has seen some seek desperate solutions. It has been reported that some Indian citizens are smearing their body with cow dung and urine as preventive measures against the virus. A huge number of people are partaking in this practice daily as they believe that it will be helpful.

Indians believe the cow to be a sacred animals. As a result, they think that its poo and urine will boost their immunity thus prevent them from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

However, health practitioners in the country have warned the people against such practices as it is not only dangerous but also poses health risks to people because cow dung is full of bacteria and germs which might harm them in some way. Despite the warning, people are still believing on this remedy.

What do you think? Should the people trust in their faith or they should follow the way of science which has clearly failed? Share your comments below.

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