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Be on the lookout for this terrible, incurable, contagious infection

There are many diseases these days that have come up, this has been brought about by factors like lifestyles and changes in our environment and others. Some can be treated but others are hard to treat and they keep recurring. The incurable ones that we know include HIV, cancer and diabetes. In addition, there is an infection that has proved hard to treat thus incurable. I'll familiarize you with this infection and it's modes of transmission on this article.

The infection is referred to warts. It is caused by a virus and if untreated can be life threatening. This infection forms rough,hard, painless bumps on affected skin. Some manifestations of it are; mouth lesions, itching on genitals and the bumps observed on skin. It affects the genitals as well as other body parts including hands, skin, feet and the mouth too.

Warts land on mucous membranes or the skin when entering the body. Bumps formed by the infection are comprised of minor clots of blood vessels. It penetrates the nervous system rendering it incurable. The body's immune system has to play a major role in fighting this infection. The weaker the defense system the harder it is to treat warts.

Warts can persist for years in the body, this can consequently result to cervical cancer. It also exposes one to contact other risker strains of HPV. It can be spread from one part of the body to another easily. Most viral infections are incurable thus it's better to prevent contacting them.

Modes of transmission of warts

1) It is classified as an STD.

2) Direct skin contact with an infected person; handshakes and hugs.

3) Contact with a virus.

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