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Some of the Common Causes of tongue bumps

Bumps of the tongue is common in humans and for many reasons. Your language can tell you many things about your health.

Here are the causes of the condition that you need to be aware of, as highlighted in today's medical reports


Stumps on the tongue can indicate that cancer cells have formed in your mouth. It's a great idea to consult a doctor and explain the bulge. He will tell you if it is cancer or not.


It is an infectious disease that affects the respiratory system, especially the lungs. Known symptoms of this disease include the development of physical attendance. Injuries are seen all over the body, including the tongue.


It is a sexually transmitted disease that is associated with many health risks. There are too many symptoms of syphilis, such as genital pain and often lumps on the tongue. Tongue bumps caused by syphilis are rare, but sometimes it means you have syphilis.


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