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Good News to Indomie Consumers as the Following Information Emerges

According to Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), now Kenyans who like taking indomie will continue consuming it. KEBS has recently revealed that, indomie sold in various shops in Kenya does not have excessive aflotoxins as reports earlier, meaning human beings can use it as food.

This reports comes, when it was earlier said that the indomie had much aflatoxins for human consumption that led the product to be banned by many countries including Kenya.

Confirming the new information about indomie, Bernard Njiraini the KEBS managing director, said that samples that was taken for analysis had no aflotoxins substance making the products ideal for human consumption.

"We took samples of Indomie in our labs, we did an analysis and we found low contents of aflotoxins that does not have effects to human beings," Bernard was quot

He added that the level of poison in the indomie was too low to cause human being harm thus Kenyans can continue consuming the products.

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