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What You Need To Know About Chewing Miraa

Miraa is grown in meru county by the people living in Igembe North, Igembe central and Igembe south sub counties.

Depending on the quality , miraa has got different tastes.

The good quality miraa tastes sweet and is highly stimulus in comparison with the low quality miraa and is also expensive in markets.

Though no research that probes miraa as a drug, many people in Kenya believe that miraa is a drug which is very wrong because miraa has many benefits in our bodies.

I have never seen anyone staggering after chewing miraa neither have I seen anyone going out of mind after chewing this product.

What happens to your body when you chew miraa.

1. Lack of sleep.

When you chew miraa, it's very hard to sleep.

This explains why long distance drivers and security guards prefer chewing miraa overnight .

It helps them to stay awake for many hours thus carrying out their activities safely .

2 . Sensory organs becomes highly sensitive.

When you chew miraa, your sensory organs , that's the eyes , nose , ears, tongue and skin becomes very sensitive to minor stimuli subjected to them.

You may be able to see a very small object on the surface with your naked eyes and hear a slight motion from far with your ears.

3. Boosting Fertility.

People who chew miraa are found to be fertile and you'll never hear any complaint from them and their loved ones in regard to this .

More research need to be done on this matter to determine whether miraa is really responsible in treating fertilizer related problems.

4. Treatment of diseases like pneumonia and Normal flu.

Miraa is used as medicine in treatment of various diseases like the pneumonia and the normal flu.

When you have a flu and chew miraa , believe me it will get out of you and feel much better .

More research needs to be done on this to come up with the conclusion if it's really good and effective in treating the above diseases.

Last week, the government of Kenya through the ministry of interior headed by interior cabinet secretary Dr Fred Matiang'i urged that more research needs to be done to determine the benefits of miraa so that the government of Kenya can look for more markets within and outside Kenya for miraa.

If you've ever chewed miraa feel free to share your experience on the comments section below and share with your friends.

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