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"God Is Our Shepherd",- Kenyans Mixed Reactions After the Vaccine In These Countries Was Suspended

The vaccine which has been produce to prevent the pandemic which had hit almost the whole world Covid 19 ,had been started used by some of the countries including Kenya .

According to the vaccine ,some of the countries outside Africa had suspend the use of the vaccines , saying that it has got some of the side effects , according to statistics from those vaccinated.

The vaccine which is majorly known to be AstraZeneca had been used widely ,last few weeks it had arrived at Kenya ,where they are to use to vaccinated specific people led by the health workers .

Know ,it's not clear whether ,there are some of the side effects have been experienced for those who had received the vaccine ,but most citizen wonder why is Kenya using the same vaccine as it is suspended on the super power countries ?

Last few days ,the vaccine was suspended in this super power countries , Germany , Italy and France but Kenya continue to use it ,may be in this place it got no effects ,we are yet to see it in the coming days .

The late president for Tanzania had warned the citizens in the place to be careful about the vaccine give more explanation on why some vaccine had not yet come out.

Kenyans on Social media came out and comments on this ,most saying that God is our only protector ,as others at " God is our Shepherd ".

These are the mixed reactions among Kenyans on the social media ;

Content created and supplied by: Jaydenmnono (via Opera News )

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