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Please Do Not Ignore These Signs And Symptoms In Children And Take Them To Hospital Immediately

Please see a doctor if your child has the following signs and symptoms.

High Fever

A high fever is a natural means by which the body's immune system fights an infection and on many times, it requires medical attention. In a child, a body temperature of more than 38 degrees celsius is greatly considered to be a high fever and is a major dangerous sign of an overly active immune system.

If a fever persists beyond three days in a child who is below 2 years or for more than four days in children who are above 2 years , then you definitely need to consult a doctor.


A headache is usually caused by a muscle constriction in the scalp and it is usually not due to any problem related to the brain. Ideally, children shouldn't get a headache.

However,if your child has a minor headache, then it could be treated with over-the-counter pain killers. However, if the pain is persistent and is affecting the normal activities of the child such as playing and eating ,it is advisable to consult with a pediatrician for evaluation.

A child experiencing a very severe headache along with a high fever and a lot of difficulty in opening their eyes, then it could be a bigger problem such as meningitis;which is a brain disease that is highly fatal. The other main symptoms of this dangerous disease are:- rashes, vomiting & neck stiffness.


For children, vomiting which persists beyond 24 hours could lead to dehydration .Therefore,it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Fever and vomiting is a major indication of a throat infection, urinary tract infection or an appendicitis. If the vomit is green in colour and there is a presence of blood it could be because of a bowel constriction.

Abdominal Pain

When a child is getting exposed to new diets, it is very common for them to experience stomach pain. This particular problem may be considered to be very major if the pain is severe and is greatly present on the lower right side of the abdomen and is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting and tenderness when touched. This may be due to appendicitis and the pain may greatly worsen with time.

Extreme Fatigue

A child who does not look energetic over a long stretch of time may be experiencing a major problem. It could be due to conditions such as malabsorption, anemia or even depression.

Difficulty In Breathing

Rapid breathing in children is very common when they are experiencing fevers. However,if a rapid breathing is present even in the absence of a fever then this may need medical attention.Difficulty in breathing while exercising or playing together with a whistling sound during exhalation could be due to asthma.

Extreme Thirst

It is normal for your child to feel thirsty after several hours of playing. However, if you observe that your child doesn't get satiated even after drinking adequate amounts of water, you should definitely seek medical attention.

It could be a major sign of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is greatly possible in children who are below 20 years of age and excessive thirst is one of the major symptoms. Other major symptoms are :- increased hunger, extreme urination, weight loss and fatigue, and weight loss.

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High Fever


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