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"Kumeza Ballon" Easiest Method Approved by Doctors to Lose Weight in Just Six Months

Many people are struggling to lose weight where most have enrolled for gym but nothing has changed with their weight.

Ciara Wambura is one of the people who have been struggling to lose weight until when she was introduced to a procedure which is monitored by doctors and take only six months to get the actual weight.

Ciara was introduced to a process called Instragastric Ballon placement where a saline-filled silicone Ballon is placed in somebody's stomach to help in loosing weight by limiting how much one can eat.

According to Ciara, she had tried enrolling herself in gym but she continued weighing 150 kgs which scared her and she had look for another solution.

She visited a hospital where they doctor suggested on the procedure and she accepted.

It's been two months from when she started the procedure and she has already lost 20kg. Ciara claims that before she was ashamed to face people due to her body weight but now she feels good about it.

Ciara claims that she does not regret and she is determined to lose more weight in six months.

The procedure costs Ksh 300k where a doctor is always monitoring his/her patients progress.

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Ciara Ciara Wambura Instragastric Ballon Kumeza Ballon


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