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Nairobi Health CEC Urges City Residents to Consider Cremating Their Loved Ones Upon Death

Speaking to the media, Nairobi CEC, Hitan Majevdia has advised Kenyans to consider cremation. The CEC has said Kenyans should not mind cremating their loved ones upon death.

Majevdia specifically asked Nairobi residents to consider being cremated saying there is not enough space in the cemetries.

"We do not have space at Langata or Pangani cemetries." He said.

This argument comes just days after kenya's first attorney general was speedily cremated after passing on. An action that ignited mixed reactions allover the country.

Encouraging Kenyans Majdevia further said cremation is considered holy especially in the hindu religion. The Hindu have been known to cremate their loved ones upon death.

According to him cremation despite taking a short time is not all about throwing the body into fire and putting the ashes. He argues that the whole process of cremation is respectful.

Some prominent Kenyan who have been cremated include Wangari Maathai, Ken Okoth, kenneth Matiba, Bob collymore and recently Charles Njonjo.

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