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Why Muslims don't eat pork

A lot has been alleged as to what could be the reasoning behind Muslims not consuming pork. Which in some communities such as some of the Philipinos, Chinese , Mexicans and many others all over the Globe would be considered a delicacy.

Some of the alleged reasons from the non Muslim side include:

1. And Allah(God) forbid, That once a pig bit Prophet Muhammed.

2. Pigs contain an oil that is spiritual and is used to repel jins(demons) of which Muslims keep.

N/b it's important to point out that all of these are not only untrue but they are also baseless.

And in trying to defend themselves from such allegations, Some Muslims go to the extreme, they come up with reasons of which some of them are supported by scientific facts. They include:

1. Pigs are Najis(impure).

2. They eat their own poop.

3. They eat their own vomit.

4. Pigs contain organisms that are harmful to human beings. In a case study in the United States Of America for instance which was conducted on pork chops and ground pork samples found that 69% of them contained a bug known as "Yersinia Enterocolitica" which is known to cause infections in many people. Other bacteria that were found included enterococcus ,staph,salmonella and even listeria.

5. Female pigs undergo " oestrous cycle" which even though may not be exactly like the one in women but is a bit similar.

While some of these reasons given go a long way in justifying the abstaining of Muslims from pork consumptions , they aren't the real reason exactly.

For instance some of the communities across the Globe have been consuming pork for centuries on end and they have been found to be healthy people. As to it's eating of both it's poop and vomit this is not something new in the animal kingdom .

Finally the real reason is found in a quite a number of verses in the holy Quran for example in Quran 2:173 ALLAH (God) says: "He(Allah/God) has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, THE FLESH OF SWINE, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah (God), But whoever is forced (by necessity) , neither desiring (it) nor transgressing (it's limit), there is no sin upon him, Indeed Allah (God) is Forgiving and Merciful."

So Muslims do restrain from pork consumption not because of its filthiness nor it's harm but because ALLAH'S command and so as to please Him.

Content created and supplied by: Uzeirabdul95 (via Opera News )

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