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White Doctor, Multiple Health Benefits of Eating Unripe Green Pawpaw

Unripe pawpaw is not common because most people prefer ripe ones. Unripe pawpaw is green outside but white inside. This means that the peel is green but the flesh inside is white. The unripe pawpaw is not so tasty and because people like tasty things, it may prove difficult to eat them. They are also hard and therefore difficult to chew.

However, I still recommend it. Calling it "white doctor" is hundred per cent right. It is white but has several health benefits. This is why am calling it "white doctor." Reading this article will instil you with some knowledge about the 'white doctor.' However, this article may not cover all information about the unripe pawpaw. It is also subject to corrections or if you have additional information about unripe pawpaw, you may add it in the comment section. Let us see some of the benefits.

1. Potassium content

Unripe pawpaw has higher potassium content than the ripe pawpaw. Potassium is so essential to the body and helps the body in multiple functions. They form the main electrolytes of the body together with sodium and chloride.

2. Help treat diseases

Unripe paw aids in wound healing. It also contains antibacterial agents which prevent bacterial infections such as 'Staphylococcus aureus.'

3. Helps Maintain the skin

Unripe green pawpaw has more antioxidants which help in firming the skin. They also reduce acne infection and wrinkles, therefore, making the skin look younger and smooth.

4. Metabolism

Unripe pawpaw contains a high level of papain and chymopapain. These active enzymes help to break down fats, protein and carbohydrates hence increased metabolic rate.

5. Digestion

The high papain content in unripe pawpaw makes digestion more effective. Papain is a protein digestion enzyme. Green papain juice also helps clean the colon naturally.

There is, however, a point of concern. The unripe pawpaw contains latex fluid. This may have the effect of burning skin or causing allergic reactions to some people. You should beware before trying it out. It also causes uterine contraction and may lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. You are advised to take it after giving birth. If you found this article beneficial, kindly give it a like and share it with as many people as you can. We should stop ignoring this natural food and medicine. Don't wait for the unripe pawpaw to get ripe, you may eat them as they are. 'White doctor,' the name.

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