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Why Spreading Your Bed After You Wake Up Is Not Healthy.

We all grew up while being taught the importance of making your bed when you wake. It ensures you have a healthy environment while sleeping, and also ensures you get rid of any dust particles. However, in as much as it may bring confusion, spreading your bed may pose a great threat to your physical health.

According to a particular research done, spreading your bed after waking up helps in creating a good and healthy environment for growth and development of dust mites which leads to respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Mites are microscopic organisms which usually consume scales from the skins of humans. They mostly survive under moist environment, which is brought about by sweating at night.

As you spread your bed, moisture is trapped and therefore creating a conducive environment for the mites to thrive in. They end up mutating.

Scientists therefore recommend leaving your bed messy to expose the organisms to sunlight and air. These two conditions helps in getting rid of them and they die due to dehydration.

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