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Importance Of Taking Your Baby For Immunization

According to World Health Organization, immunization to every child born is a must. The first immunization given to a child is after birth , at the left forearm which leaves a scar after sometimes.

It helps prevent your child by busting your immunity against infections such as rubella, pneumonia, measles, mumps, tuberculosis, chickenpox, yellow fever ,thypoid, cholera and polio.

Its therefore, important to take your child for vaccination as indicated by your doctor. Some vaccines such as yellow fever are given only in some regions especially malaria endemic regions such as the Western region.

When you take your child to clinic , you will have shown great love to him or her by busting is immunity and the baby will have less healthy problems as she or he keep growing.

Let's help every woman by educating her on importance of immunization. How it prevent abnormalities such as heart diseases, born deformities, Asthmatic attacks and many more.

Here are is a table that shows the time you should go or return back for immunization:

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World Health Organization


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