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What to Do If You Are Bitten By a Mouse and How to Get Rid of Mice at Home

Imagine having a good night sleep when you feel a short pinch on your toe, it's your mouse. Out of the 2 million Animal bites that occur everyday in the world, mouse bites are responsible for 1% of them. If left untreated, rodent bites can lead to bacterial infection, changes in the Kidneys or liver and may cause Pneumonia.

If you are looking for ways to manage mouse bite or you are just curious to know more about it, then here is what to do.

1. Wash and Soak wound

Prevention is better than a cure, wash the wound thoroughly under running water for atleast 20 seconds. This will Inhibit the spreading of disease like Tetanus. Proper cleaning of the affected area plays a major role in the overall prevention of infection. You can also soak the wound with a clothed dipped in warm water.

2. Cover Your Wound

You normally leave your wound open as it will increase the chance of infection and that it will make healing more difficult. The best way is to apply antibacterial ointment and then wrapping in clean sterile.

3. Pain Relief Medication

If you look at the most bites closely you will see a looks like to tiny holes from rodents teeth. Since this injury will extremely be painful, you can have a painkiller by consulting your Doctor to be on the safe side.

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