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IG Mutyambai Break the Silence And Reveals The Following to Police And Covid-19 Violators

Our country is recording high positive cases per day. According to the source, our country have recorded 945 cases today. Also some counties like Nairobi are leading with Covid-19 infections. From today's updates, Kenyans should make sure all directives and measures that have been issued today by the ministry of health are followed properly.

According to the source, IG Mutyambai has reminded all police officers to make sure all Kenyans follow new Covid-19 directives. Furthermore, Mutyambai has revealed that all Kenyans should work together with police officers to curb Covid-19 infections. I quote his statement, "Mine is instructions to commanders and members of the police Service....... With effect from today all measures stepped up and enforce. We urge members of public to cooparate with the police." Mutyambai revealed. This comes in after many people are admitted in our country after contracting this deadly disease. Also remember to close your business as early as possible to avoid troubles from police officers .

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