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Disease prevention and treatment

Ignore your health and it will go away

Health is wealth..A global report on physical activity released by WHO(World Health Organization) indicates that 15.4% of adults are not as active as recommended that's why they're unfit and unhealthy. A large percentage of adults are either dead walking or better still are supposed to be bedridden yet they're still on their toes...How good/bad is that???You may ask yourself... People are not familiar with regular check ups...It is very much advisable to do so,in order to tackle a problem before it grows to something major..

Talk of these chronic diseases we hear off nowadays:



Heart diseases

Kidney disorders




Infertility,just to mention but a few,,do you by any chance know that they're the leading causes of deaths or even disabilities in the current world🌎??

Why not a bold step and make regular check ups your new lifestyle??? Get in search of a wellness center near you,,and this will help you a great deal...

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WHO( World Health Organization


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