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''Hey", Check Out This Simple Excercises That Will Boost Your Brain.

PWe all work often harder doing various body excercise but we also need to train our brain by doing simple exercises. Exercises, games and even meditation can help you and you should try them now and indeed you will see better results.* Enriching vocabulary - a rich vocabulary is a sign of a smart person and thus reading books is an obvious way to become smarter . You can do this by maybe identifying a given word you want to pronounce ,write down all synonyms you need and put them into practise. *Visualizing - it is an essential way for memory train up and you can try to memorize some words you saw or read on the screen.* Chunking - it is another memory exercise and you can do it by listing numbers in a unique order and close the book and try to memorize their order.* Memory shortcuts - you can try to remember important historical moments , countries and even capitals. * Reaction games - you may put different shapes on your screen and anytime you see a circle you clap your hands and this will help to make your brain active. *Pocket reading - this is a set of exercise which is meant to stimulate different brain ideas and you can do it by putting some coins in your pocket and just use your hand to establish their value.* Making prediction - try to predict the outcome the outcome of something which will be known in the next 24 hrs maybe a sports game ,some event at work ,the ranking of your favorite music band.

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