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Nine Common Spices With Amazing Healing Powers

Many are familiar with the improved flavor that spices add to food. But beyond being used as delicious components of daily meals, spices have power to combat and prevent diseases.


Rosemary contains acids that improve liver and heart function. It’s rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals responsible for causing chronic illnesses.


Cayenne has an impressive nutritional profile comprising proteins, manganese, fiber, and potassium. This hot pepper is used in the production of different medications owing to its ability to combat a wide range of health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and muscle pain.


Blood sugar control in people with diabetes is one of its effective uses. For people looking to fight sugar cravings, taking cinnamon is advised due to its ability to regulate blood sugar. It’s been known to combat bacteria such as E coli, which sometimes causes diarrhea.


Ginger has long been used as a remedy for digestive problems and nausea. The root with powerful anti-oxidant properties works by hampering the effects of serotonin, a chemical produced by the brain and the stomach when one is nauseated.


This peppery spice with a pretty yellow color has powerful cancer-fighting properties. Turmeric derives its color from a chemical called curcumin, which helps stifle tumor growth and clears carcinogens before they can damage cells in the body.


Garlic derives its strong odor from a sulphur compound that’s packed with numerous medicinal properties. Its antifungal and antibacterial abilities help with fighting yeast infections, colds, and sinus infections.

Cumin seeds

Rich in iron, cumin seeds are essential in boosting metabolism, energy production and bolstering the immune system. Consuming the spice stimulates the production of pancreatic enzymes to help with proper digestion and nutrients absorption.

Black pepper

Black pepper may be a spice to consider for those looking for a youthful look and good skin. When used with honey and crushed pepper, it serves as a strong exfoliator as it improves blood circulation on the skin and supplies the organ with more oxygen.


Its distinct taste and strong aromatic fragrance make cardamom a widely preferred spice, especially in pastries and teas. Cardamom is a remedy for indigestion and flatulence.

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