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Begin your mental health journey. Learn and unlearn

Mental health became a very important part of me when I once saw how my father behaved . Don't get me wrong he wasn't such a bad father he just paid bills and had no clue on how to do this life of course there were so many unmet expectations but you know we live we learn .

As I grew up I realised my psychology practice dreams faded with every examination we did back in highschool and honestly nothing could match how that broke me . Truth be told I only wanted to know how my dad's brain worked how he never loved me enough and why and why in the same manner he could have given me attention he chose to take the affection to other "less fortunate " human beings

June was mental health month and I was so excited with how the whole country came together to make the awareness a national thing . I made an effort to be part of it and to be honest I benefited alot. Now I'm no mental health expert but atleast I can give psychological first aid (PFA) . I didnt grow to completely fulfil my dreams well not yet but I am on the path to that .

Our mental health determines how we think , feel and act .In Kenya institutions like Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya, Quality rights ke., Chiromo mental health hospital to mention but a few have impacted heavily on the mental health awareness in providing forums for people to be open about mental health to easening discussions on mental health. Quality rights Kenya have also come up with an online course in conjunction with ministry of health which btw I took part in the course and I have no regrets .The course broadly discusses quality rights dynamics as well as cognitive and psychosocial behaviours

Below is an attachment link to the online course where upon completion a certificate is awarded

The link to the e-trainin

Polite reminder -YOU MATTER

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