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Why Corona Positive Cases Updates Is Expected To Rise In The Next Few Months (Opinion)

Hello readers, the Corona Virus pandemic has affected almost all sectors Globally. This has led to countries having to depend on other nations in terms of donations. According to medical research, the virus is likely to spread faster during cold weather. It remains on the surface for a much longer time compared to during hot weather.

Nations which were most affected including Italy had a cold climate believed to have increased spread of the virus. In Our country, we are just approaching the cold season and this is an indication that those cases will rise. We should expect an increase in new infections from the ministry of health daily reports Mutahi Kagwe being incharge.

This may prompt the president to take other measures which may be so strict to reduce the virus and save more lives. As Kenyans please follow the protocols set up to ensure we stay safe. Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Also share with friends and family too. Thanks for your time readers🤗🤗

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