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Health Benefits Of Eating Ugali

Here are the benefits

An average of Kenyan household eats ugali with sukuma wiki for dinner. Ugali is a dish made of maize floor,millet or sorghum cooked in a boiling liquid. You simply use the ugali to pick the sukuka wiki and put it in your mouth to eat. Ugali is basically a product of the maize we plant in our gardens. It has been a staple food for Kenya for a long time.

•Health benefits

•Maize is reach in carbohydrates

many people prefer maize to other foods to supply them with energy. Being a starchy food, it realeases energy slowly in the bloodstream ensuring that you stay energised the whole day. Fortified maize meal is reach in minerals and vitamins.

•Rich in iron

Maize meal is rich in iron the non-sifted maize is particularly nutritious because of the jerm that has not been removed. It is highly and nutritious to the body. It is also rich in protein.

•Prevents constipation

Popcorn is a wholesome staple food made buy heating small grain. It is easily digested by the body. It is converted into carbohydrates which is easily absorbed in the body.

•Reduces stomach acidity

Maize flour facilitate the removal of toxic food substance and also accelerates the passage of faces through the Intestines.

Maize flour is a decent source of protein and fiber. You should try eating ugali it's very healthy.

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