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'Suffering From Cancer In Saudi Arabia Was Horrific, This Happened To Me' Lady Shares Survival Story

Generally, being diagnosed with a terminal illness even in the comfort of your home country, surrounded by your loving family and friends is a terrible, devastating feeling. This experience was much worse for Evalyne Amina, who left Kenya for Saudi Arabia in late 2018 in search of greener pastures for her 2 children.

During the first two years of her contract, as a domestic worker she begun being sickly. All this time, she was surviving on painkillers but her stomach ailment deteriorated, her contract ended, documentation expired and she had to be taken to hospital.

In the hospital she was diagnosed with stage 2 terminal cancer and was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit, I.C.U for 3 months where she was in a comma. After the treatment she recovered and underwent chemotherapy. Eventually, she was put on a catheter and allowed to return back home, early this month.

“Suffering and Surviving cancer abroad was the worst experience for me, but it only made me stronger. Now I’m glad to be back home.’ Here’s a link to her full story:

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