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Why You Should Not Sleep On Your Side!

People don't usually pay attention to their sleeping position, they take whatever comfortable position enough to get them to dreamland faster.Here are some reasons why you should not sleep on your stomach or side.

1.) If you sometimes find yourself waking up with a crick on your neck, lower back pain or aches in your hips or knees, then it could be because you were sleeping on your stomach or side rather than your back.

2.) Stomach and side sleepers are also compressing their organs, which doesn't exactly do your system any good. Side sleeping can prevent your diaphragm from moving freely, which can eventually cause lung problems.

3.) Smushing half your face into a pillow can also focus wrinkles on whichever side of your face that spends every time in that position. Sleeping on your back not only prevents this from happening but also lets your skin breath throughout the night.

4.) According to Cleveland Clinic, sleeping on your stomach can lead to heartburn. It can cause chronic heartburn and acid reflux.

5.) When you rest your head on your shoulders or arms as you sleep on your side, you are also pressing on your nerves that run through the top shoulder and down your arms. This may result to finger numbness during your day. Thank you and share.

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