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Beware Of These Unique Symptoms;You May Be Suffering From Omicron Variant Disease

It's almost two years now that the world is struggling with corona virus pandemic. As per now,many countries in the world can afford a smile because the number of Infections have reduced. World health organization has made sure that all the countries in the world get the vaccine to the virus.

The WHO has again detected another deadly virus by the name Omicron Variant in some countries in the world. According to the reports,this is also another deadly virus that people should beware of. The latest reports had shown that,7people have tested positive with the Variant in our neighbouring country, Uganda. This is quite unfortunate to us as Kenyan citizens.

Some of the signs of this Variant include:

1. Dry coughs

Just like Covid-19,the person having dry coughs may also be suffering from Omicron Variant. When you feel this way, please visit your doctor for check-up.

2. Extreme Tiredness

When you experience extreme tiredness even after doing nothing heavy, do not hesitate visiting your nearest health center for check-up.

3. Muscle Pain.

This is another sign of Omicron Variant, please check out.

4. Scratchy throat and feeling pain and n your throat while coughing

This is another sign,always go for check-up when you feel this way.

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