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Why Lockdown Should Be Kenya's Last Option From The Trending Covid-19 Cases

The Covid 19 first case virus was first reported in Kenya around March 2020. It is one of the deadliest diseases the world is experiencing after a very long period of time.

The virus is known to have started in China where it then spread to almost all the other countries in the world with the actual cause still remains disclosed. Since then we have had many cases of the disease. Kenyan government has been trying their level best in finding out the solutions to help curb the situation of the disease. The disease has destroyed many lives starting from our government officials, doctors and many others, including different individuals from different counties in the Kenyan nation.

However in trying to help curb the spread of the disease, the government should look for a solution which has none or less effects to the other innocent Kenyans. Imposing a total lockdown to the Kenyan citizens will definitely come with its many negative effects. Total lockdown, meaning restrictions on traveling from different counties and even from different countries may come with the following known effects;

First there would be a huge effect on the economy sector. The economy of the country will remain at standstill. The manpower is not available. Our economy depends on Kenyans working tirelessly to build an economic growth. What will have if the government does opt to lock every corner? Nothing will happen and eventually it will raise the cost of living as everyone will rely on government to survive.

The school sector will be drastically paralyzed. Children will be denied education. This will also result in high number of students idling around. Idle minds always have a negative effects. Therefore parents will have a hard time getting their children back on track.

I do not therefore validate putting the country on lockdown as the solutions to the current situation. Kenyans should rather comply with the doctrines laid down by the ministry of health. Keep social distancing, sanitizing,washing their hands on regular basis and avoiding all forms of gatherings. That is the way to go.

What are your thoughts on the above subject? Let's exchange views in a civilized manner.

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