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Philippines Becomes The Latest Country To Be Ravaged By Covid-19

The world is trying hard to contain covid-19 disease amid increase in the number of cases. Currently 152,809,817 people have been confirmed infected by the deadly virus across the globe with 3,207,795 succumbing.

The United States of America is ahead in terms of infections with 33,146,015. The total number of deaths keeps on rising every day. According to the American CDC 590,707 people have died so far.

Philippines emerges the latest worst hit country in Asia. According to the data compiled daily by Johns Hopkins University 1,054,983 Philippines have contracted the disease. Out of the cases nearly 17,431 people have died. In the last 24 hours an additional of 8,346 people have tested positive with 77 more deaths.

In my view this is the time all people in the world should find better ways of tackling this problem.

Lastly, let's all continue following the World Health Organization's measures and guidelines meant in combating covid-19 like sanitizing, washing of hands and social distancing.

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