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Meaning of the Snake in the Doctor's Symbol

Doctors are one some of the most important people in the society. Time like now when the country has been fighting with a killer virus, the doctors have proved to be hardworking and ready to help people. They have been working for long hours and always ready to report to work in times of emergency. So many have died while still trying to save life.It is quite painful but since we can't change it we just need to accept and keep remembering them for their great work.Doctor logo usually have a snake that is a symbol of rejuvenation just like the way the snake sheds its skin.Rejuvenation means to regain back power to do something or to grow young. The venom of a snake is believed to be a remedial to it and so it sheds its as a renuwal of strength.

Doctors have both power to save life and also kill but still in process of trying to give more life. The second meaning of that snake is to represent the healing of a snakebites. The snakebites in this case represent the diseases. The doctors have power to save life trough through their research and also intelligence.

According to doctors history, the stick In that logo represents Apollo the son of Asclepius. He is believed and viewed as the God of healing. This is the great physician who is renowned for human mental treatment. Please share.

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Apollo Asclepius


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