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Crucial: Health Benefits Of Fasting

Studies show that no matter what your method of fasting, you’re likely to lose some weight when you do it. But a bigger benefit to note is that fasting also works to bust belly fat. Carrying too much weight around the middle raises your risk of heart disease, so losing it can give your health a boost.

lowers blood pressure

The science is pretty sound on the positive effect fasting has on your blood pressure. You’ll see a decrease when you stick to it for a long period of time. But once you stop, your readings go back to what they were before you started

Reduces inflammation

Small proteins called inflammatory cytokines kick off the inflammation process in your body. Studies on men and women who fasted during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan showed that the number of these proteins drops after 3 weeks of fasting. Similar studies on adults with asthma showed the same result: Fasting improves symptoms and lung function.

Reduces cholesterol levels

There’s no solid proof yet, but a few small studies show that fasting -- especially every other day or alternate-day fasting -- can lower LDL cholesterol. That’s the type that can build up in your arteries. Fasting doesn’t seem to affect HDL cholesterol.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Animal and cell studies show fasting may help block tumor growth and help chemotherapy work better in people with cancer. There isn’t enough research yet on humans to know how fasting affects cancer risk in people.

Longer Life

Scientists say we need more research on humans to say for sure whether fasting adds years to your life. But so far, studies show that it improves health in ways that would help you live longer, like reducing cell damage.

Good sleep

The jury’s out on how fasting might affect your shut-eye. Some studies say it can lower the amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the sleep phase where you dream and your brain puts memories together. Other studies suggest fasting might raise the levels of chemicals that make you feel more awake during the day.

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