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5 Best Combination Of Healthy Meals To Lose Weight

If you have been struggling with loosing weight this article will show you the potions you should use and the healthy meals you should eat

It is advisable to try to loose weight while eating real meals rather than using quick methods like taking pills

The secret of loosing weight while not skipping meals is eating small portions

Take a look below


Have your small portion of rice with a generous portion of cooked beans and alot of greens


For breakfast you can switch to brown bread an egg this combination will feel you and hence you will avoid eating in between meals

Boiled Eggs also are perfect for breakfast


Fruits contribute alot in weight loss because they are free from fat they contain fiber


When you feel like eating something and you want a snack go for popcorn they are rich in fiber and zero fats

5.When losing when it does not mean you can't eat meat. You can but small portions with lots of vegetables

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