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Want to Become an Early Riser? Try these 5 Tips Today

It is said that the early bird catches the worm. Waking up early has for a long time been equated to success, personal development and gain. But waking up early in the morning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well about 90% of the total population are ones who wake up late in the morning.

However, we all want to wake up early in the morning, to try and accomplish most of our duties earlier enough. What most of us fail to get is that waking up early in the morning isn’t as difficult as we think. This goal can be achieved by taking some small steps. Here we list 5 tips to being a successful early riser.

Have good night’s sleep

Early to bed guarantees early to rise. One of the most important things to waking up early in the morning is to have a good night’s sleep and early for that matter. For some people staying up late at night is a habit that can lead to health complications in later life. Other, night owls are comfortable with sleeping and waking up late.

Generally, it is advisable to aim for around 8 hours of good undisturbed sleep per night. If you need to change your sleeping schedule, you can slowly move it back by 15 minutes every day so you’re not suddenly going from being a night owl to bed and biscuits by 9pm.

Have a purpose for waking up early

Apart from a good night’s sleep, one’s motivation to wake up early can have a huge impact too. Each night before going to bed, try to give yourself a reason for waking up early the following day. Planning your morning routine or your next day’s activities will go a long way in helping you wake up early.

Perhaps you need to lose a few pounds and want to go for a run, or maybe you bought some different cereals and you can’t wait to try them, the following morning – whatever it is, choose something that you’ll love to do as soon as you wake up the following day.

Healthy Diet

For a good sleep, it’s essential that you don’t feel too full or too hungry before going to bed. It causes discomfort and makes you awake during the night. The same goes for drinking. Alcohol and caffeine intake not long before sleep should be avoided.

Avoid Screen Time

Research has shown that the blue light emitted from a computer and mobile phone disturbs sleep patterns. Even a relaxing TV show can stimulate you and make it harder for you to fall asleep. It is thus advisable to dim the lights of your devises or avoiding them completely at least one hour before bed. This will facilitate your body to secrete melatonin. Other activities like reading a book or meditation are sleep inducing.

Establish a routine

As mentioned earlier, the purpose for waking up early is important. Once you have the purpose, establishing, planning and executing the routine will follow. Once you repeat this routine for 30 days, it becomes a habit.

Common morning routines involve the 4Bs; Benediction, Bed, Body and Bath. Other activities that can make your mornings worthwhile include jogging and yoga.

Have a comfortable bedroom environment

Your bedroom should be kind and comfortable enough to allow you to sleep well, starting with cleanliness and temperatures. Temperature can have an impact on the quality of your sleep. A cool and quiet room with a comfortable bed is a must for a good sleep.

Light, shining through your window in the mornings is a bonus as well because it makes your brain know it’s time to get up. A dark room, and you’ll be more likely to stay in bed for an extra hour as it’ll take you longer to be fully awake.

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