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Side Effects Of Covid-19 Vaccines You Not Worry About After Being Vaccinated

Proof. Center For Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC)

It is only 12 days to the dateline for Kenyans to get vaccinated with covid-19 vaccine across Kenya. So far more than 5 million Kenyans have been vaccinated out of the 10 million targeted number by the government. Most Kenyans have come out to tell their fears of being vaccinated due to some of the side effects caused by these covid-19 vaccines.

Today i will share with you some of the side effects caused by covid-19 vaccines and why you should not worry about them after being vaccinated. After i was vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine, these were some of the side effects that i encountered making me worried and they included, fatigue, diarrhea, muscle pain, pain in the injection site, fever, chills, hand headache.

After studying online i found out that these side effects of Covid-19 vaccines always have mild to moderate and short lasting. This is the reason why everyone who has been vaccinated or not vaccinated should not worry about covid-19 vaccines.

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