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If you Test HIV positive, Don't Start Taking the ARVs Immediately Instead do This

Many people usually make a mistake of immediately starting to take the ARVs immediately after testing positive for the virus.This is wrong because the ARVs may have impact to your body.There are six types of ARVs although the most common used are just 4 classes. All these ARVs work differently and targeting different part of the virus. There are those that reduce the replication rate of the virus while others strengthens the body to avoid the AIDS condition.AIDS is a condition whereby the body becomes so weak and can't be able to fight infections and diseases. If you test positive for the virus, the first thing you should do is visit a doctor who will undertake several blood test and recommend you certain type of ARVs. If you make a mistake of starting to take the ARVs before consulting the doctor, you may start to have worse side effects that can lead to health problems.

Once you visit the doctor, he or she will examine you your blood to know the stage of the virus, by so doing he will be able to give you the best ARV drug according to the results. Secondly ARVs Work and react to bodies differently, your body may not be compatible to a certain type of ARVs and this can only be identified through a test. If you start taking these drugs and you start getting worse side effects, the best thing to do is visit the doctor for a better prescription. Please share.

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