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Best Tips For A Powerful Diabetes Control routine.

Diabetes is a disease that demands alot of attention and mindfulness,this is because either ways,high or low sugar can be dangerous. People with diabetes also experience a certain rise of sugar between 2 Am and 8Am due to insulin at night and that's why it's important for them be cautious about their morning routine .

1. Morning bed stretching.

Immediately after waking up,one should practice diaphragmatic breathing,which is a simple abdominal breathing technique. This helps increase supply of blood and nutrients to your whole body.

2. Morning water drink.

Taking a glass of warm on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will helps manage blood glucose levels throughout the day.

3. Morning exercise.

Muscle movement helps increase blood flow in the body thus increasing glucose uptake. This naturally decreases high sugar levels in the body.

4. Breakfast.

One shouldn't have salad or anything which has high calories. Also, breakfast should be taken on time to avoid fluctuation of glucose levels which can bring problems.

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