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Exercises after c section

Pregnancy and Childbirth changes our bodies tremendously. In this article I will look it ways of not only losing weight but also feeling refreshed about self. For mums below 6 months you will follow the diet routine and maybe take walks. These exercises are intended for moms at 6 months. I will give you a reason why: (skin and its layers were cut, then the surgeon navigated the lower abdomen to get to uterus and cut the uterus too, at this point several blood vessels and capillary supply was cut. Your body needs a humble time to scar and regain some circulation.)


These are one of the easiest to do at home exercises. You can do them anytime when you remember. At least takes 4 minutes off your day to practice bridges. They not only fix your pelvic muscles tightness, but they also tone your waist and back.


When mums here about Kegels they think about releasing urine in bits and being lose. Wrong!!! Real kegels tone the tissues and muscles around the waist down to the vaginal tightness and renal tightness to hips and legs and the whole body, you will be surprised how four Kegel exercises for 30 seconds will tone your whole body by enhancing blood circulation to muscles and oxygen.


Hold your body in push up position. Like press ups but just lie flat and hold on to your body for 30 seconds up and down.


Not ideal for plus sizes but definitely a good trial worth taking.

The above exercises work to tone your hip, back and abdomen muscles. With time you will get used to practice and advance to more serious exercises with the help of a gym instructor.


1. Body massage- enhances circulation. Going for massage once a month or having your partner do it will help a lot in circulation and weight loss journeys.

2. Supplements-take blood supplements and deworm to avoid biting on every snack that comes your way by the roads.

3. Take a walk or jog for 15minutes every day.

4. Your plate should have ¾ vegetables, a ¼ protein and ¼ wheat. If you can maintain vegetables the better. Taking carrots, cucumber, cabbages and spinach fried with little oil. No fries and no oily foods.

Some mums will ask how will I get milk with this diet? - drink for three people. The best drinks to take postpartum include yoghurt, fresh fruit juice, ribena.

And finally sleep at least 6 hours per 24 hours. Good sleep enhances good hormonal balance and thus an easy weight check. Regards-Miss: euny.

Content created and supplied by: Euny (via Opera News )


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