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Postinor 2 (P2); See It's Side Effects After Usage

Family planning is the ability of couples to agree and attain the number of children they want to have at a certain time. Most methods that are used in family planning include the use of Postinor 2 well known as P2 which are also called emergency contraception, use of condoms among others. P2 being one of the methods and commonly used, today i will share with you some side effects after usage to just make you be aware.

1.After taking P2, women can experience the delay of their menstrual periods up to 5 days late.

2.Long usage of P2 pills may weaken the wall of the womb which may lead to miscarriages in future.

3.P2 pills can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant after using them for a long time.

4.Most women may experience nausea, tiredness, stomach ache, vomiting and even skin itching.

5.P2 can affect women in medication like Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

6.They can cause bloating during menstrual periods in Women who use P2 pills for a long period of time.

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Postinor 2 Tuberculosis


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