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The 26-Year-Old Body Builder Who Carries His Heart In His Bag

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"I thank God that I am alive," says Andrew Jones, who has an artificial heart. He carries his heart in his luggage with him at all times.

Jones became unwell in 2012, having trouble breathing and eventually succumbing to heart failure. Worse, the heightened discomfort may cause him to cough up blood.

Andrew was then diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and had surgery as a result. This is a condition that damages the heart muscles. The heart thickens and hardens, expanding, and these illnesses have indications, symptoms, and can be treated.

As a result of the infection, the heart loses its ability to pump blood into the body and begins to beat in an electric rhythm, eventually leading to heart failure and irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmias.

During undertreatment, the device distributes compressed air into the ventricles to allow blood to flow throughout the body.

Andrew became so weak during his inspection that after a few weeks, he couldn't stand properly. Doctors told him that he needed a heart transplant right away since he would die soon if he didn't.

He was supplied with an artificial one by doctors, which he now carries about him at all times. This prosthetic heart is connected to tubes that pump blood throughout his body, replacing his original heart.

Andrew has returned to his gym since being released from the hospital, but he is still in excruciating pain.

"It's something I'd never want to need upon my worst enemy because you can't breathe, think, or even sleep," Andrew says of his cardiac condition.

He went on to claim that the disease affects him physically and mentally and that it makes him sad.

"I wouldn't stand for very long since I'll be uncomfortable."

Andrew's health has deteriorated, so we pray for him and beg God to grant him a long life.

Help me wish him a quick recovery.

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