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5 Best Ways to stay Calm even in Stressful Situations

Try active breathing

If you find it hard to sit down and take a deep breath when you are stressed, try placing two of your fingers under or on the bridge of your nose and try taking deep breaths. Another thing you can do is holding your ears while your hands are crossed and try breathing

Put salt on your tongue

Although the trick might seem a bit odd, it actually works according to experts. You will just need a little amount of salt on your tongue; the salt will divert your attention from racing thoughts. In additions, it will make you feel like drinking some water which will help in calming your anxiety

Try out some grounding exercises

Some people do not like when something cold touches their body. They can try this simple grounding exercises, sit on a chair, remove your shoes and socks and press your feet to the ground while breathing deeply and closing the eyes. This feels like trying to clear your head from unwanted thoughts 

Put ice cubes in your palm and hold on

You can use anything that is cold apart from ice cubes. Just place the cold ice in your palm and close your fingers into a fist. The sensation will make you get out of your head and concentrate of the ice instead

Try butterfly hug

This exercise is good because it can be done when you are sited, standing or even lying down. Cross your hands over your chest, your fingers resting on your upper arms or shoulder and you can even close your eyes. You can make some movements like alternating your hands, during these movements focus on your breathing. Repeat until you feel calm

Use a jump rope for a few minutes

Taking deep breaths might be impossible, this is the time to try a jump rope and skip around for some few minutes. This work out reduces anxiety and keeps your thoughts relaxed.

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