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Is It Really Healthy to Have These Habits?

Brushing Your Teeth After a Meal

Teeth and gums that are in good shape are essential for general health. When it comes to brushing, though, be careful about the time. Wait at least an hour after eating, especially if you eat acidic meals or consume carbonated beverages. This allows your enamel to harden again before brushing.

Showers on a daily basis

It turns out that you can clean your body too much. Washing your face with soap every day can deplete your skin's protective oils, making it dry and susceptible to infection. If you use antibacterial soap, the risk increases even more: you may kill the "good" bacteria on your skin, lowering your immunity. Instead, take three to four showers every week.


To remove toxins from your body or lose weight, cleanses, also known as detoxes, entail fasting, drinking or eating only certain foods or liquids, or taking supplements or herbs. However, they are more likely to produce harm than help. There isn't a lot of scientific proof to back up their claims, and some of the programs are potentially dangerous.

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