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Side Effects Of Eating Corn Regularly

By consylukayu

Corn does have its own set of Side effects.Many of these sweet corn side effects can simply be shrugged a side while others need a little more care.

Here are some of the major corn side effects that you should be aware of;

1• Allergic reactions_ Consuming corn can lead to allergies and symptoms like rashes on the skin, swelling of mucous membrane, vomiting.Many people also suffer from asthma attach and anaphylaxis after eating corn.

The main reason behind the allergies is the ingestible protein present in the corn.

2• Risk of pellagra_ Corn is a staple food of many people.lf you consume corn in high amounts then you are at the risk of pellagra.This the Deficiency of vitamins.

Corn is deficiency in amino acids and niacin which helps to protect the body from pellagra.lf corn forms the major chunk of your diet,then make sure that you supplement your diet with vitamins rich foods to prevent pellagra.

3•Not good for diabetes _Corn has a high carbohydrate content, which leads to the increase in blood sugar levels.So people suffering from diabetes should not consume corn in large quantities.

4• Causes bloating and flatulence_ Corn contains a high percentage of starch.When you consume corn,it breaks down in the large intestine and produces a lot of gas.

If someone consumes corn in large quantities,then it can cause bloating and flatulence.

5• Causes indigestion and stomach upset_ If you eat large portion of cereals ,then it can lead to indigestion and stomach cramps.So keep a watch on how much corn you are consuming in any of it's forms.

6• Causes intestinal irritation and diarrhea_ Corn should not be consumed rawasit can result in diarrhea.Corn also leads to many intestinal disorders.You must consult your doctor if you find symptoms that warrant some checking out.

7• Causes tooth decay_ Corn contains a good amount of sugar,so it can lead to tooth decay in some people.This is a relatively one of rare side effects of corn, but not one that should be taken lightly! Make sure you follow a good oral hygiene and brush your teeth after eating corn.

8•Causes osteoporosis_ People who depend on corn diet can suffer from osteoporosis as corn contains very less amounts of calcium.But this is relevant only if corn is not supplement with appropriate calcium rich food.

9• Increases weight_ As mentioned before, corn contains a heavy dose sugar and carbohydrates. Overzealous eating of corn can surely lead to weight gain.People on a diet should avoid consumption of corn.

Hope you liked my article on side effects of corn.Do you like corn? How do you like to eat your corn?, Roasted, boiled orvad topping? Please share with me by dropping a comment in the comment section below and please share the article, thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )



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