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Sore Throat Among Side Effects Caused By None Fabric Type Of Masks

Demonstration of how waste and used masks should be disposed to prevent environmental pollution [I/C].

According to a research done by HEALTHCARE as well as my personal experience, sore throat is among the few side effects that many people are experiencing out of wearing none fabric type of masks.

For example, if you are wearing the N95 respirator or any other medical-grade mask, "Dead air" may be pocketed between your face and the air outside your mask which becomes hot, humid and makes breathing become difficult.

In 2012, research showed that wearing a surgical mask decreases the amount of water that your nose is able to inhale and carry resulting to nasal dryness which can also cause a dry, sore throught. Studies on how fabric masks do the same is currently lacking.

Several studies have also shown that a long duration wearing of this gadgets increases the amount of carbon dioxide circulation in your blood which can lead to fatigue and disoriantati on. Other side effects include; nasal irritation, headache, body weakness due to blood circulation among others.

It is therefore adviced that if you feel any of this reactions, consult your doctor for help or try to use fabric made masks and observe if there are any changes being felt. Dont wear your mask for an extended time as they tend to attract dust.

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