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4 Reasons Why Bhang Should Be Legalized

Members of the Rastafarian society of Kenya seeking legalization of bhang recently filled a case before the high court.

Members of the Rastafarian society

Before the court passes their judgment on this case that has been presented before it, here are the merits of cannabis sativa.

1. Helps in prevention of nausea and vomiting

In some parts of the United States, THC (the main cannabinoids found in bhang) has been approved to treat nausea.

A research conducted where s number of people were given cannabis and another placebo, showed that those given cannabis were close to 3 times less likely to experience vomiting and nausea.

2. Reduces pain

One of the most common medicinal use of cannabis is pain reduction, this is supported by several studies conducted.

A study in 614 individuals with chronic pain showed that at least 65% of those who used medically prescribed cannabinoids reported significant improvement in pain reduction.

3. Cannabis may kill cancer cells

The U.S. government has admitted that the drug can shrink cancer cells.

In their official government Page, the government says " cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory".

However, a research unit in UK warns that there is no evidence that shows cannabis extracts, can be used as a treatment.

4. It may help athletes perform better

A study conducted by Gordy Megroz, showed that a number of athletes that were under the influence of the drug, improved in their performance and recovery.

In American states that have legalized recreation use of marijuana, reports that Opiate-related deaths have significantly dropped. should Kenya legalize bhang? Are the merits more than the demerits? or is it the other way round?let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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