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Lemon and weight loss.

The most commonly known function of a lemon is that is helps in weight loss.It has high amount of vitamin c and soluble fibers and low in calories. Lemon water promotions satiety and fullness thus acts as a catalyst of weight loss.

A lemon is a versatile citrus fruit with numerous functions in the body.It contains vitamins such as niacin,riboflavin,thiamine,vitamin c,vitamin B6 and nutrients such as iron,manganese amongst others.

A lemon improves digestion.It has acids that supplement stomach acids to break down food.It also alkalizes the body.

It is used to purify blood,improves mental health,boosts brain power,removes uric acid from joints and cleans the face.

A lemon has phytonutrients that prevent rusting and also protects the body against diseases.

It supplies a health dose ofvitamin C that protect against cell damage as well as repair the cells.

Potassium in a lemon serves as transportation of nutrients and waste, counters effects of blood pressure and improves nerve muscle communication.

A glass of lemon water a day helps prevent kidney stones and also keeps the body hydrated.

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